End-to-End, Feedback Management

BigTeam is the easiest way to gather feedback from your small business or startup customers in one platform.

Get actionable insights from your biggest supporters

From learning how to win back customers, or testing a new idea out, a”feedback management platform” allows you to make smarter decisions with your “big team”.


Discover breakthrough ideas for new products and marketing campaigns.


Learn from customer how to enhance your product or service.


Grow your business and brand more confidently, while engaging your community throughout.

Tested by the big brands, built for the small ones.

Successful brands use their supporters and customers to drive improvements and innovation. For the first time, BigTeam makes that science and technology available to your growing business.

Categories of internal feedback questions

Ask the Right Questions

Diagnose the right problems so you can be better at solving them. BigTeam provides you with pre-created questions designed to get rich and inspiring feedback from your supporters.

Find the right people

BigTeam manages your lists of customers, collaborators, employees and anyone else on your “big team” making it seamless to get your questions answered while using personalized emails, gamification and notifications to keep them engaged as well. We’ll even plug into your MailChimp CRM so data moves seamlessly back and forth.

BigTeam internal feedback platform

Centralize all customer feedback

Have all of your feedback automatically analyzed and centrally stored in a dashboard  so you know where to turn when  you face a business challenge or want to make changes.

Built for you.

We built BigTeam to be flexible for all types of startups, small businesses and growing brands, but simple enough for the busy founder or marketing team to get started from day 1.

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