BigTeam helps collect, store and analyze internal stakeholder feedback without all the meetings and messiness

Get more actionable feedback on your projects from coworkers, other departments, and peers around your organization. Here’s how clients are using BigTeam:

Receive actionable feedback

Build your own feedback communities

BigTeam allows you to get feedback on your brand, product or marketing from different groups, inside and outside of your organization, all in one platform. Feel free to mix and match.

Strengthen your creative work

Give a voice to the crowd

You never know where breakthrough ideas come from. Gather feedback without all the meetings, red tape and reminder emails while engaging your stakeholders and colleagues.

Tap into your team, clients and partners

Solutions and insights without all the effort

Take it easy. Automatic analysis of feedback, pre-created questionnaires, and the easiest user interface in the survey industry means you get answers within hours, not weeks.

Help your team embrace “agile” through on-demand internal feedback

Receive actionable feedback


Bring your peers from all corners of your company into one central platform to foster a culture of internal feedback.

Tap into your team, clients and partners


Tap into your partners for insights into your marketing activities, brand identity and campaign ideas.

Strengthen your creative work

Service & Sales

Survey employees on the frontline to identify trends in customer experience, complaints, competitive movements and innovation opportunities.

Tap into your team, clients and partners

Clients & Users

Set up a customer advisory panel to bounce marketing ideas, product features and messaging.

You’ll never do feedback the same way again.


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