2018 BigTeam product recap and 2019 preview

As you start your 2019 strong, BigTeam wanted to send our thanks for all the users who have submitted feedback, ideas and helped us squash a few bugs in 2018. We’ve made leaps and strides and are constantly pushing our platform forward by listening to what our customers need, want, and love. We wanted to highlight a few of the improvements and new features we launched in 2018 and give a sneak peak at what’s to come early this year in 2019. Take a look…

New Project Creation Flow And More Feedpacks

After the initial launch in March, we heard from users, and saw the live effects in our data, that our project creation flow wasn’t up to scratch, so we took action. We have completely reimagined how you create a project in BigTeam, making it more intuitive and easy to understand for first time users as well as more efficient and flexible for our power users. We did this by reducing the multitude of steps we had before down to just 3; Questions (where we help you ask the right questions for your project), Project Setup (project name and end date), and Audience (where we make it easy to find the right people to answer your questions). Most changes came in the Questions step where we have reorganised our pre-populated surveys (which we call Feedpacks) into 9 categories, making it easier than ever to find the right question for the right need. Our pre-populated database as also grown, we now have 68 pre-created feedback templates and over 1500 questions to help you at any stage of your project in the following categories: product, strategy, ideas, trends, stakeholders, brand, marketing, presentations, and meetings & events.


No Asset Survey’s

A feature direct from our users, now you have the ability to create a project and send out a survey without having an associated ‘asset’ uploaded and posted with it. Opening up the platform to more possible use cases, we wanted to give our users the most flexibility possible allowing for greater freedom to create projects to the specifications needed for each individuals’ needs. This also allows for more broad based type projects where feedback is still required but where a specific visual, document or asset is not required to be reviewed.

User Editable Themes

In our last update we introduced automated feedback analysis where we take all the raw rich text provided by survey participants and turn it into sentiment coordinated thematic analysis using our partnership with IBM Watson and our own code wizardry. Since then we have also introduced the ability for users to rename, edit, and merge multiple themes together. This allows users to have full control of their feedback results and the way in which it is presented but still without having to do all the time consuming heavy lifting our platforms automated analysis provides in near real time.


Easily Access Internal Team Directory

Another small but no less important update is the ability to now access the Team Directory directly from the home page of the platform, allowing for easy access to find the right person in our organisation without having to start a project first. This is just the first step, we have any ideas of how we can take this section to the next level. Did someone say schedule a meeting or one-on-one?

Congratulations On Giving Good Feedback!

Not only are we improving the platform for our users, we are also taking steps to improve the ‘giver’ experience of providing feedback to others. To start, we have introduced a feature that works in the background were the platform will automatically help users congratulate any participates that provided feedback in one of their projects when the user “likes” their response by giving it a ‘star’. We all like to know that we are appreciated and that we have positively impacted the work of others!


More Complete Browser Support

We have worked hard this year to make sure that no matter where you use BigTeam you will still have access to all the same great features and functionality you are accustomed to, on new and legacy browsers and browser versions. Massive strides were made for our IE11 users this year, but more can still be done. We will continue our journey to refine, optimise, and improve our users consistence experience across Chrome, Safari, IE, and Firefox, both on desktop and mobile.


Dark Mode

Along with our newly redesigned website we have given the platform a new coat of paint, and in true 2018 fashion we have gone dark, dark mode. This has given an overall more coherent look and feel, making the platform more enjoyable to use and allowing you to focus more on your work, projects, and feedback. Not to mention that it just looks better this way!



We still have many more valuable and powerful features to come as we constantly add to and improve BigTeam in conjunction with our users and their feedback, so we wanted to give you a sneak peak at whats to come in the near future and what we are currently working on.

Theme analysis per question. This will allow for our powerful analysis to generate themes on a question by question basis along with the current ‘global view’ analysis currently available in the system.


Multiple choice questions. A highly requested feature, we will be bringing multiple new question types into the project creation stage to allow for gathering of quantitative feedback through our platform alongside our pre-populated qualitative templates.


Have any product or feature ideas? Email info@bigteam.co


Want a demo of BigTeam? Contact us today and we’ll schedule one.

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