BigTeam often gets requests for interviews from journalists, bloggers and writers interested in how feedback and survey tools play a role in building a business or a team. Here are some of the latest and greatest features.

BigTeam in the News

4 Tips for Better Collaboration with B2B Content Marketing Vendors.

From the Ascend2 blog (article with BigTeam quote here)


We are firm believers in transparent feedback, and our favorite strategy is to ask the agency or freelancers to challenge the creative brief we give them”.

11 Email Newsletter Strategies to Keep Your Email List Engaged (As Told By Email Marketing Professionals).

Published on the technology review website G2 Crowd (article with BigTeam quote here)

“By including your subscribers in the making of your brand, company or product, you’re inviting them to help co-create alongside you, which boosts engagement and loyalty. Trevor Wolfe”

What is a Survey?

From the JotForm blog (article with BigTeam quote here)

“Surveys are intended to reduce the amount of bias and subjectivity in the way humans provide and request feedback…. Surveys also offer a convenient way to aggregate results and spot trends. Trevor Wolfe, CEO BigTeam”

24 Entrepreneurs Explain The Essential Skills One Needs To Be a CEO. 

From the Teach a CEO school for entrepreneurs and business owners (article with BigTeam quote here)

“The most important skills for a CEO to master is the art of feedback. Although there is no official training in school or on the job of how to give and receive feedback, it is vital for you to get a feel for what’s happening on the ground, how you can be improving as a leader and a business, and how you could be improving your customer experience. Trevor Wolfe”

Build the Perfect Content Calendar: Tips and Tools from 97 Marketers. 

From the Zerys Content Marketing Blog (article with BigTeam quote here)

“The people in your business are often voracious readers and consumers of content, and they often have great ideas for content. Giving them a seamless way to submit those ideas makes it easier to capture their creativity,” Wolfe says.


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