BigTeam Product Update – July

We are still in the early stages of customer feedback with BigTeam and have already learned a vast amount about the inner workings of agency and marketing departments. We have been interviewing dozens of BigTeam users from agencies and brands all over the world to prioritize development of our internal feedback platform and are excited to announce some new features recently updated in all versions of BigTeam:

Automated Analysis of Feedback

Automated Feedback Analysis Tool

When we launched BigTeam, we knew that much of our efforts would be on making the analysis of feedback as easy, automated and actionable as possible. We were nervous that with even just 10 colleagues providing feedback on your marketing, product or innovation project, a user might feel overwhelmed with all the rich text. To overcome that, we have partnered with IBM Watson’s machine learning engine (along with a lot of our own development and mathematical magic) to present automated theme generation and sentiment analysis. Both of these are included in all versions of BigTeam and mean that the dashboard will show you the 10 most relevant “themes” or patterns in the feedback along with the general sentiment (negative, neutral or positive). Simply clicking on one of the themes will automatically surface all of the related comments and quotes. 

We’re so excited about this update that we’ve dedicated an entire post to it (here)

Video and Image Annotations

Video and Image annotation tool

Because a large portion of our user base is responsible for getting approvals and feedback on creative work, we have launched “annotations” which allow survey takers to provide comments directly on image and video assets. We believe these type of creative annotations are secondary to the rich feedback project creators require to take their work to the next level, but we understand the need to sometimes refer to the exact spot where a recommendation could be made.

Collaborator Status –

We’ve introduced a new user status which is designed for you to load non-employees onto your system. Collaborators cannot create their own project, request feedback or see any other users in the system, they can only answer surveys. This user type is perfect for marketing teams to use with agencies, clients or non-marketing employees. Agencies can also use this with partner agencies, freelancers and clients.

Speed, baby. Speed.

Our code wizards have discovered several new ways to increase the performance of BigTeam including new developments to the way we structure data as well as more streamlined integration with IBM Watson that allows for results to appear in near real-time. All that to say, you should notice faster loading times throughout the platform, especially in the feedback analysis dashboard.

More Feedpacks

Based on your feedback, we have launched several new pre-populated surveys, or, as we like to call them “Feedpacks”. Several of note are the ones that are not just campaign related but touch on other parts of the creative workflow including feedback on briefs, client approval, and innovation and trend analysis. Our mission is to encourage the use of employee feedback throughout the organization and so we are pleased to launch feedpacks beyond just creative feedback.

Naturally, we’ve also launched a few related to digital campaign projects including instagram, blog posts, email newsletters and twitter posts.

Coming Up: Easy Exports

We appreciate that many of our power users will want access to the raw feedback to create their own presentations and reports. We’re adding a feature that makes this easy and efficient, so keep an eye out for the next update!

Have any product or feature ideas? Email info@bigteam.co

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