BigTeam selected to join the 2018 BridgeCommunity accelerator

We’re very excited to announce that BigTeam has been selected into the Atlanta-based Bridge Community accelerator program!

The program is designed to foster startup and corporate relationships giving needed experienc (and revenue) to startups and first-mover access to new innovations to big brands. Startups get customized enterprise sales, marketing, and negotiations training to understand corporate innovation needs. Corporations are coached on minimizing roadblocks to streamline pilots and simplify contracts, and then the BridgeCommunity team makes targeted introductions and mediates relationships.

It is sponsored by MailChimp, Capgemini, COX Enterprises, Porsche Cars North America, Coca-Cola and SunTrust Bank.

Check out some of the other amazing startups selected to join the 2018 BridgeCommunity program:

  • MoQuality (Atlanta) is a self-learning artificial intelligence that tests mobile apps better than humans
  • BigTeam (That’s Us!) brings seamless feedback to companies and networks
  • Evisort (Boston) is artificial intelligence for contracts
  • Inspector 6 (Atlanta) is an AI-powered brand analytics tool
  • Graph Story (Memphis) offers graph databases as a service
  • Fyiio (Omaha) is a tutorial management platform for creating guides that work
  • Filtered.Ai (Boston) is a platform to hire technical talent on ability not on resumes
  • Pass It Down (Chattanooga) is a digital storytelling platform innovating how cities tell their story
  • NeuroLex (Atlanta) empowers patients with tools to measure their overall health through collecting and analyzing speech samples
  • Sidewalk (Chicago) helps tech companies and lifestyle brands close more sales to SMBs
  • Aquagenuity (Atlanta) provides easy access to real-time water quality data

You can check out more from BridgeCommunity (and track our progress in the program) here.

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