Digital Ad Concept and Copy Testing Made Easy

Let’s set the record straight here. We are in fact talking about copy and testing digital ad campaigns, not simply that we use digital technologies to test traditional creative (tv, radio, print). So, if you’re running a facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, wechat, tiner or whatever type of digital content campaign and you want some feedback before you go live, then BigTeam can help. We’ve put together a few videos showcasing how BigTeam can help you use your employees, customers and even external stakeholders (resellers, affiliates, creative agencies, consultants, freelancers) to test for some of the same elements you’d get out of a traditional copy test.

Testing your website for branding, tonality, user experience and calls to action

In this video, we’ll showcase how you can get a comprehensive understanding of what potential users might be unintentionally learning about your brand in addition to all the tactical user feedback (will it convert, can it allow for self-serve, can users find what they’re looking for, etc).

Getting feedback on your social media content and campaigns

As social media is becoming more of a paid media channel (to the chagrin of all social media managers used to getting organic or earned media) it will require larger budgets, bigger production costs and ultimately more of a need to test or gather feedback before it’s put out to the crowd of very active customers (and haters) willing to share or thrash the campaign depending on what you put out.

Testing mobile apps for user experience, branding, calls to action and stickiness

Depending on what your ultimate goal is (converting to paid customers, engagement, knowledge sharing, or brand recognition) you’ll want to get some external feedback on both the functional aspects (navigations, menu structure, responsiveness) as well as the branding elements (tonality of copy, imagery, color schemes).

Testing for online video virality

Would you believe it if we told you that over half of viral ads weren’t accidental? Well, it’s true! With lot’s of scientific rigor behind the spread of content, you can use BigTeam to ensure that the content is authentic, differentiated, shareable and likeable enough to drive earned media and “virality” before you launch it on YouTube and cross your fingers.

Copy testing in a digital content world

As brands and their creative agencies are increasingly being pushed to produce more content to serve more media channels and engage more segmented of consumers, they’ll need to put in place testing and feedback mechanisms that the traditional copy testing methodologies provided. Unfortunately, paying thousands of dollars and waiting weeks to get results hasn’t afforded the digital marketing function a viable solution and we propose that there will be an increasing need to use “what’s in your own backyard” including employees, customers and stakeholders to get some level of creative optimization, risk mitigation and prediction of how a campaign or content will perform. If you are curious about this radical proposal, you can check out our article on getting feedback from employees or sign up to test out BigTeam here


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