Essential feedback from first-time users of your product

A few well-crafted questions can yield fantastic customer insights and help you improve the quality and success of your products. However, finding the right questions to ask a first-time user of your product can be tiresome, as it often requires practice and research. Well, that was before BigTeam came to the party.

We’ve spent a lot of time learning about the questions that professionals and creators ask the first-time users of some of their most innovative solutions. We know that they’ll help you gain the insights you need and help you gather feedback on anything you may have overlooked. In this article, we lay them out.  

How does it work?

This is a question that you’d expect the users of your product to ask, however, in this case, we’re changing the tide—you as the product manager will be asking this question. This is the perfect question to trigger the mind of the user of your product and identify how intuitive it is. Prompt the user to try and explain how your product works. This will reveal whether or not your solution holds a great customer experience and is easy to use. If the user can’t show you how your product works after the first three attempts, you may have to rethink the design.

How do you honestly feel about this product?

Asking this type of question will help you unravel the general frustrations or pain points of your product. For example; the color makes them feel like it’s a cheap product or the build seems unstable and they can’t trust it. This gives the user of your product the opportunity to give honest and blunt feedback about how your product makes them feel. By giving them space to air their feelings on the product, you’ll be able to broadly identify what you need to improve on. Remember, although you’re hoping to hear positive feedback, it’s often the negative feedback that helps you more—because it aligns you better towards the customer’s needs.

What is the most frustrating thing about this product?

While the previous question attempts to get a general response from the user on how the product makes them feel, this question is to nail down the exact frustration points. You may be surprised by the response you get, especially if it’s a feature that you thought would be a hit. Because you’ve been working on the product for a while, your perception can get skewed. This is why it’s essential to ask this question so that none of the frustration are overlooked.

If you could add one feature to this product, what would it be?

This question helps to put the user in the position of the product manager. Invite them to suggest a specific feature that will have a major impact on them. When asking this question, you should be prepared to improve on your product for the sake of your customers. This may mean putting your own wants or expectations of the product aside. After all, your customers will be the ones paying for and using your product, and so it should align with their expectations.

What problem will this product help you solve?

This is another question that will get straight to the heart of why your product exists and how it adds value. This question helps you check whether or not your product is actually working as expected if it’s fulfilling the reason why it was produced in the first place. You can also ask this question if you feel your product is not living up to expectation and identify how far you are off the mark. From here, you’ll know the steps you need to take to reach your ultimate goal of satisfying your customers and making a difference to their lives.

Whether you’re a product manager, marketer or director at your company, it’s essential that you know and understands what makes your customers tick and how they react to your product. The questions set out in this article will help you get to the bottom of it—giving you more time to continuously create and delight your customers.

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