Our first update of the year! We have had anything but a standing start to 2019. We have some exciting updates to share with you already, and we are just getting started…

Automated Themes By Question

In our last BigTeam product update, we said keep an eye out for this feature in early 2019. Well, the wait is over! Theme analysis per question will allow for our powerful automated qualitative analysis to generate themes on a question by question basis along with the current ‘global view’ analysis currently available in the system. This will allow users to get automated insights into answers no matter how unrelated the questions are or how broad the scope is.


Automated Qualitative Analysis by Question

Analytics For People Giving Feedback

Along with our recent update that gave a virtual ‘high five’ to participants that provided especially meaningful and insightful responses (as determined by the project creator), we are now also giving participates even more insight into their participation and how they compared to others on projects they work on.

First, each participant, after submitting their responses, will get a snapshot into their answers in an email with metrics such as; total word count, average word count per question and their overall sentiment of their answers (for example, if you were generally more positive or critical in your responses).

Second, when a project is concluded, a second email will be sent to each participant comparing the same metrics with the overall averages of the project, allowing them to compare and contrast between their own submission and the rest of the responders.

Project Notifications

Not only are we providing more detail and insights to project participants in this recent update, but we are also doing the same for project creators by helping creators understand when feedback is rolling in along with early snapshots of the data.

We are doing this in a few ways.

Firstly, you will no longer have to wait or keep checking in to see if answers have been submitted. After the first round of answers to your questions are collected we will send the project creator an email notifying them that they can now start reviewing the results. We will also send project creators an email notifying them that their project has been concluded and to check in to review the final results (either through reaching the project deadline or before the deadline if all those invited have already responded), while also providing a snapshot of the project by including the most positive and most negative themes generated from the responses to their project questions.

Return To Sender

We have made a small tweak with big effects to our emails that BigTeam sends out to users. Now when you send an invite to participate in a project to your project audience the invite email no longer comes “From BigTeam”, but rather we have white labeled the ‘sender name’ so it comes from the sender company to boost open rates and further increase participation.

Profile Dark Mode and Easier Updating

Profile Skills section

As our first step into gamification, matching people with relevant connections and projects as well as storing project and participation statistics and data, we have been working on updating user profile pages in BigTeam. We are doing this by making it easier than before to update your details, using more personal language throughout, and aligning the profile page with the rest of the platform by giving it a revamp with a ‘dark mode’ look and feel. This, however, are just a few small tweaks that leads into our upcoming features (read more about this in the ‘Upcoming…’ section below) which includes much more ambitious and exciting improvements to the profile page to come.


Profile updates and multi-channel communication. We are currently working on some major updates, improvements and new features to be introduced to user profile pages, the team directory and how people will be able to connect and communicate through BigTeam in more integrated, powerful and exciting ways, alongside the current base of survey and responses.

Multiple choice questions. Coming out very soon and as mentioned in our last update this feature is almost ready to ship so stay tuned! A highly requested feature, we will be bringing multiple new question types into the project creation stage to allow for the gathering of quantitative feedback through our platform alongside our pre-populated qualitative templates.

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