Top 10 collaboration tools unearthed on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the best place for product-loving enthusiasts to discover, share and grow new products. Because BigTeam is all about team collaboration and efficiency, we love finding new products that provide efficiency, productivity, creativity and new technology at the heart of their software. We explored what Product Hunt had to offer and put together a quick list of products that will radically change the way brand/marketing teams, agency creatives and even freelancers tackle day-to-day projects. If you’re a product enthusiast eager to geek out and learn more about brand new products, this list is for you too.


Non-Code Website Builders and Developer Tools


A visual programming tool that solves the problem non-coders have, developing and designing software. With raving reviews from non-technical developers on how Bubble helped a startup into 500 startups Accelerator.


bubble reviews

Source: Screenshot from Product Hunt


You can fully edit the whole interface right in the editor without difficulty, check out your updates live as you make them. It includes some great Google fonts using popular icon libraries such as Iconic and Font Awesome.


With so much talk about whether marketers should learn to code lately. Well, this might just help a whole lot. With no coding, HTML and CSS knowledge required, customizing a page just got a lot easier.


The impressive stats Bubble boasts:

Bubble community numbers

Source: Screenshot from bubble


Don’t be surprised if these numbers haven’t already gone up.

You can create any visual web based app and get started with different pricing models. You can try it out with a free 30 day trial, no credit card required…Score!


What to look forward to:

Emmanuel Straschnov, Co-founder at Bubble told us that they’re working to make possible integrating code into existing workflows ready in the coming weeks.


Check out Bubble

Package: Paid with a 30-day Free Trial



Tilda publishing helps you build websites for business and media as well as long forms, articles, landing pages, photo stories, blogs and other kinds of content based web projects.

Building a website for your company could not be easier with Tilda. A project made on Tilda can be published on their server, or hosted by the company. You can host your content on Tilda while using your own domain.


Tilda publishing landing page



Tilda design features include a focus on balanced typography and thus providing a wide range of visual blocks to suit any type of content, wireframe to product and support rich, visuals for landing pages and effective presentations.


If you’re still not convinced, the landing page for the Product Hunt App was built using Tilda in 30 minutes! Check it out

And while you’re at it, check out Tilda

Package: Freemium, with a great referral system


Branding, Marketing and Design Tools


A new brand creation tool that allows users (from large corporates to emerging SMEs) modify logos, icons, colour schemes, font types etc to create beautiful, professional and memorable brands.


Emblem has been able to eliminate the need for high cost, time consuming branding services especially for small companies starting from scratch. Companies can simply tap into the power of smart brand design and create their own unique and professional branding in minutes.


Just type in a logo name and you get a number of great visual options:


emblem's design tool



Click on whichever one you find interesting and check out the next best thing to happen to your logo…

logo creation in emblem



bigteam logo with emblem design tool



You can click next and take it further by creating an account and playing around with it, if you like it, you can purchase a package suitable to your budget.


Emblem’s logo builder is built with a sleek wireframe that allows companies to easily create memorable and expressive logos that match your brand’s identity. The tool has also been able to incorporate a pattern generator, colour picker and type pairings effortlessly creating a quick, easy to access design agency in your own office.


What to look forward to:


Chris Edwards, Co-Founder/CCO told us that though they’re still in Beta, in the coming weeks they’re going to be adding some fresh new features, so keep a look out.

Want to get started? Visit Emblem

Package: Paid



Carrd lets you design your own one-pager and host a simple yet responsive site for yourself. It’s definitely giving about.me a run for its money. You can create a really attractive landing page, for all those trying to capture leads or get their name out there.


Have your portfolio laid out and showcase your creative or professional skillset. We went right ahead and checked it out for ourselves. In 5 minutes, we had an awesome one-pager. Easy!


carrd designed one page site


We definitely recommend this tool, just think about how impressive your CV would look or company profile.


Check it out: https://carrd.co/

Package: Freemium with a 7-day Free Trial



AI powered Logomaker: Uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced learning algorithms to produce designs just like a designer would, instantly! 10x cheaper and faster. And that’s a fact.


We were done in less than 5 minutes with so many visual options to choose from:


logojoy design maker



The AI behind this is truly ingenious, for just $20 you can build yourself a professionally looking new logo as if you hired a designer. And even if you don’t buy, just playing around with the logos is a lot of fun, just to see what your logo would look like in different ways.

logo maker with logojoy



You’re also able to share your design for feedback to anyone with a link:

logojoy feedback



What to look forward to:


Dawson Whitfield, CEO of Logojoy told us that the most exciting thing to happen since launch, was recently selling 10,000 logos!


Check out logos here: Logojoy

Package: Paid



SlideCamp allows you to create awesome presentation slides to use for your next pitch. A wide range of presentation tools have been developed over the years, but not all equal.


Even the most classic of tools like Office and Keynote have not been able provide users with a library of pre-made, beautifully created, ready-to-use slides as extensively as SlideCamp. This product is a radical tool that will give your pitch deck an impressive makeover.


SlideCamp powers your presentations in minutes instead of hours and it has been able to provide easy to adapt, flexible slides that allow you to easily edit and arrange your content.


Because the slides on offer are also fully customizable, if you’re on a time crunch, get in touch with an experienced in-house designer to request and create any additional slides.


These slides can be prepared and used within 48 hours!


This tool is also built for teams, if your colleagues know how to use powerpoint, they will know how to use SlideCamp. A tool that is easy to use and allows your internal teams to collaborate.


It’s hard not to love this product. Transform your pitches with SlideCamp now.

Package: Request a demo


Email Marketing and Messaging tools



An email marketing tool, that’s better than an email marketing tool: Helps marketers create and distribute curated newsletters with style and visual appeal.


Revue offers the option to link your Revue account to RSS feeds, Medium, Twitter, Tumblr and Pocket, to easily drag ‘n’ drop content into the email newsletter compose window.


With social signup integrated, it makes it very easy to sign up to the platform.


revue newsletter design



We easily integrated some tweets in our newsletter for creatives to check out in case they missed it on our timeline.


revue designs preview



This must be one of the easiest tools to use particularly because of all the nifty integrations and their cool chrome extension:


revue chrome extention screenshot

Screenshot from Revue

What’s more, they have a dedicated updates page which you can follow. They’ve recently introduced a new feature which allows your subscribers to comment and give ‘’Reactions” to your latest newsletter. This is definitely a product dedicated to growing and keeping users happy.


Check out Revue for yourself and take your email marketing to a whole new level- Revue


Package: Freemium


Video Editing and Design Tools



Show box is a cloud based-platform for you to create videos right from your browser, that enables brands, online marketplaces and websites to provide their communities with easy to use video creation tools.


Showbox allows brands to seamlessly tell stories with total control over the entire process, and allows platforms to integrate unique, cloud-based video creation systems using Showbox’s API.


Content creation is no longer a tedious process with Showbox, with features like customized graphic themes, rich visual sets, green screen technology and more. We love tools that make inaccessible, expensive technical services, like video creation, well in reach, and that is exactly what Showbox does. Check it out.


Package: Free


Productivity, Project Management and Feedback Tools


Market research is incredibly important and many companies depend on it to evaluate the strength of their brand position, creative campaigns and advertising. Traditionally, this industry has been an expensive and time-consuming sphere to tap into.


And that’s why we absolutely love what Wyzerr is offering.


Get qualitative feedback from customers through an interface that is designed to be fun and awesome, as if you were playing a game. Wyzerr’s playful surveys lead to happier respondents which consequently leads to better feedback.


wyzerr app features

Source: Wyzerr


In research, it’s important to ask the right questions. But it’s just as important to ask these questions with the right methodology.


With a survey builder developed by researchers, Wyzerr helps insights managers, marketers, account managers and more get the right insights from consumers.


Wyzerr allows users to utilize Smart Forms fun, fast and easy surveys that are built with the best technologies, to easily collect high-quality, actionable feedback data from customers, employees and consumers.


Wyzerr takes it even further with their innovative reporting dashboard. Once you have the data you need, consume, organize and incorporate the data back into your existing business model in minutes!


Market research, without the fuss. Save time, money, have some fun and take control over your consumer insight with Wyzerr




Package: Paid with 100 free survey responses



Fall in love with email again!

Email collaboration


Front is a new project management tool that allows colleagues to collaborate on customer support, hiring, sales and more with a shared inbox for collaborative teams.


Front eases the communication process within and between different departments by using a seamless internal communication system to fuel easy external communication.


Get your work done faster with Front and use it to automate actions when email conversations meet predetermined stages.


Through a built in messaging system, the tool automates all emails into one easy to view channel. Easily assign team members to conversations to ensure no email request goes unresponded to.


Front also provides frequent reminders and updates on email activity and conversations awaiting follow-ups. No more manual check ins or missed opportunities.


front app for sales team collaboration


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have full scope over what goes on in your organization and use these insights to make better, well-informed decisions going forward?


Yes, it would be great and the makers of Front thought so too.


From advanced analytics to full visibility of your team’s inbox, this tool powers productivity and your team’s efficiency through radical transparency.


Great teams get great results with Front. Don’t be left behind


Package: Paid with a 14-day Free Trial


These are just a few of the awesome apps and team collaboration software tools out there making for better and more productive teams through easy collaboration and feedback between teams. Be sure to let us know below in our comments section of any other tools you might have come across that deserve a mention.


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