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Customer surveys provide business owners with a lot of important information

They tell you what you’re doing well and where you can improve. They also give you insight into which products and services your customers like the most and which ones aren’t bringing much, if any, money into your company. 

Clearly, surveys matter a great deal to customer satisfaction and business growth. The key to getting useful information from your surveys, though, is to ensure you’re sending them out at the right times.

Read on to learn more about when to send a survey to your customers.

At the First Interaction

One of the best times to reach out to a customer and send them a survey is after their first interaction with your business. 

When they first engage with your company and make a purchase, you’re in a great position to reach out and learn more about them. This includes information like why they chose your business and how they found you in the first place. 

If you send a survey while their interaction is still fresh in their minds, you’ll be more likely to get honest feedback about their experience. Sending a survey at this point can also help to lower your business’s churn rate (the rate at which people stop subscribing to a service). 

In many cases, if a customer has a negative experience at some point when interacting with your business, they’re unlikely to stick around and become repeat customers (or even first-time customers if they’ve ditched their cart before checking out). 

If you find out what it was that made their experience a negative one, you can fix the problem. This, in turn, helps to prevent churn and shows your customers that you truly care about them.

When They’ve Become a Repeat Customer

It’s a good idea to send out a survey when a customer makes another purchase and becomes a repeat customer, too. 

By doing this, you can find out whether they’re still satisfied with your business after making multiple purchases. This gives you further opportunities to learn what you’re doing well, as well as how you can improve to keep that customer coming back again and again. 

At this point, you may want to ask them if they’d recommend your business to a friend or family member, too. Depending on their answer, you can make changes to increase the likelihood that they would recommend you, or you can take it as a sign to continue doing what you’re doing since it seems to be working.

Before You Implement a Big Change

Before you decide to make a big change to your company, it’s a good idea to see how your customers are likely to respond to it. If you want to do something big like rolling out a new product, change your prices, or relocate, you should send out surveys to see what your customers think. 

This can help you to guide your decisions if you’re still in the planning stages. For example, you could include a question in the survey about what types of new products your customers would like to see in the future or where they would want to see the second location of your store built.

When a Marketing Campaign is Over

The end of a marketing campaign is another good time to send out surveys. 

This helps you gauge customer satisfaction and gives your marketing team important information about how successful their campaign was. You can use the survey to ask questions about the advertising and promotions, as well as how accessible your brand seemed and whether customers are inclined to recommend it.

As a result, they’ll have more information to work with in the future and will be more likely to have an even more successful campaign launch the next time around. 

When They’ve Stopped Being a Customer

If someone has gone a long time without making another purchase from you, you can benefit from sending them a survey to get more information about their decision not to buy from you again. 

You might send the survey after someone has canceled their subscription to your service, for example, or if it’s been several months since they last made a purchase from you. 

Sending out a survey at this point shows the customer that you’ve noticed their absence and want to find out what you can do to make their experience (and other customers’ experiences) better in the future. 

This gives you an opportunity afterward to try and win them back, too. Maybe you can offer them a discount on their next purchase, for example. 

Start Sending Out Surveys Today

As you can see, there are plenty of great times for your business to send out surveys.

Now that you know when to send a survey to your customers, be sure to keep this information in mind. It’ll help you have an easier time gathering relevant information that you can use to improve your business practices and provide customers with a better overall experience.

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