Feedback Fuels.

Whether your business is in the process of creating a new brand, launching a new feature, or executing on your annual strategy, let feedback be your superpower. The smartest companies use the voice of their customers, employees and collaborators to navigate complex decisions, quickly and efficiently.

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Product, Innovation and IT

From identifying great ideas for growth, comparing product features against each other, or identifying potential pitfalls, BigTeam helps product, innovation, and IT teams move through their project cycles with better feedback.


Make sure all the right voices are heard throughout your projects while cutting back on inefficient meetings and unstructured emails. BigTeam will help you identify the right people to weigh in, give you the right questions to ask, and then store and centralize all your feedback for future learnings.

Marketing, Design and Brand

The inspiration for breakthrough creative ideas, content plans and dynamic brand strategy often come from the smart people and loyal customers cocreating your brand.


BigTeam helps marketing, design and brand teams to tap into the collective creative genius that exists within their own employee base, external agencies and customers, fueling your strategies and helping you navigate a complicated media landscape.

HR, People and Project

This is the decade of “people-powered” business. The smartest companies of our time are renewing their focus on how their teams communicate, collaborate and innovate.


BigTeam helps HR and People teams empower their employees with on-demand feedback and collaboration with the smart people around them. It’s the quickest way to remove silos, democratize access to talent and inspire a new layer of collaboration within your organization.

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