Check Out BigTeam’s Main Feedback Platform Features

Simple to use

Not a researcher? No problem! BigTeam has the sleekest and most easy to use interface in the survey industry and will impress small business owners wanting some client feedback and insights managers at big brands alike.

Smart Survey

As research geeks ourselves, we know how time consuming it can be to find the right questions to ask. That’s why we’ve streamlined the feedback process to save you time with our tailored question packs for any brand, marketing, customer or product challenge you have.


Find the right team members within your organisation or in your network based on experience and expertise. You can create custom groups and survey them on an ongoing basis.

Automated Analysis

IBM Watson and our proprietary technology helps you identify themes from the responses relating to your project, allowing you to gain insight that can be actioned immediately. No geeky researchers needed.

Project Capture

Store historical insights on your dashboard for ease of reference, to make sure that your brand avoids falling into the same trap twice.

How BigTeam Works

Create Your Groups

Create your BigTeam of customers, employees, partners and advisors you want to ask feedback from on an ongoing basis. Different security settings will allow you to control permissions.

Ask for Feedback

Chose pre-created surveys (or create your own question) to get the most constructive feedback on your brand, marketing campaigns, product or big ideas.

Get feedback, take action

As soon as responses start coming in, your dashboard will automatically populate with the main themes, what's working and what's not. No need to read through everything as our automated analysis will do the heavy lifting.