Learn More About Your Contacts and Your Business.

By connecting BigTeam and MailChimp accounts, you can turn your audiences into a feedback and advisory community, giving you on-demand access to new insights, ideas and 2-way dialogue with your contacts. With MailChimp’s powerful audience management and segmentation capabilities and BigTeam’s questioning and text analytics engine, you’ll be able to engage with your community, even if you don’t have a big update or announcement to share.

How It Works

See why BigTeam + MailChimp is a match for your business.

eCommerce MailChimp

eCommerce and Retail

Take the guesswork out of your business by asking your customers directly for feedback on what they want to see in your store and how you can improve your brand.


  1. Ask for product ideas, tag contacts based on their responses, then send a targetted email once the product is ready for purchase.
  2. Develop customer segments by asking your customers about themselves (demographics, lifestyle, purchase preference) and then create rich segments in MailChimp.
startup mailchimp

Small Business and Startups

Build a customer advisory board so you can test and evaluate everything from a new logo or website to new pricing or features.


  1. Blend NPS data from BigTeam to create segments in MailChimp so detractors and promoters get unique communications and updates from you.
  2. Use best practices in marketing research to test creative, messaging and new feature ideas so you can make your budget work harder than the big brands.
community mailchimp

Community, Content and Artist Managers

Create loyalty, excitement and engagement with your fans by starting a dialogue.


  1. Build a year’s worth of content ideas through community crowdsourcing.
  2. Co-create your next song or work of art by asking for inspiration from those that support you

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