BigTeam, The Feedback and Survey Platform for Agencies

BigTeam is groundbreaking feedback platform that allows agencies to gain qualitative level insights directly from your desktop using internal creative minds, stakeholders or clients.

No need for costly and lengthy exercises to gain feedback.

Concept testing with colleagues

Despite global agency network and the introduction of “open seating plans”, very little collaboration happens in review sessions.

Use BigTeam to:

Find colleagues (with category experience) to give light feedback during ideation stage;

Get helpful feedback from account managers/ strategists on whether you’re going off brief;

Collaborate with partner agencies without the politics

Tap into trends from colleagues worldwide.

Business pitches using the power of your organization

The agencies that win new accounts are often the ones with the best understanding of the client’s market and competitive activity.

By using BigTeam, new business leads can:

Conduct pre-planning research on competitive activity and industry trends globally;

Get ideas on messaging, intros and angles the agency could incorporate in the pitch;

Stress test final pitches before delivery.

Account management supersized

Servicing clients is becoming difficult with agencies being expected to have more specialized knowledge with less budget. Tap into your organization creative thinking to deliver added value by using BigTeam to:

Conduct competitive reviews for clients;

Stress test your client work against your organization’s brightest minds;

Identify whether a concept is going off brief early in the creative process.

Client feedback revolutionized

BigTeam is a game-changing way to improve the creative review and approval process  between client and agency by:

Allowing all agency stakeholders to provide feedback on briefs;

Fostering inter-feedback amongst agencies without the politics;

Gathering feedback constructively (and get beyond “can you make it bigger?”).