BigTeam, the Smartest Feedback Tool for Marketing

Great insights and feedback drive great brands. Unfortunately, modern day organizations are cutting back on research budgets while gathering feedback from other sources is becoming harder.

With BigTeam, marketers can assemble Brand Advisory teams consisting of internal colleagues, clients and external stakeholders for feedback on campaigns, strategies, product features, brand experience and emerging trends. BigTeam also ensures all of your creative partners are aligned around the brief and internal teams are engaged around the brand through smartly designed surveys.

Marketing /Branding Effectiveness Feedback

Using best practices in advertising and concept testing, BigTeam will help you evaluate your campaigns and strategies to ensure it is stress tested, optimized and checked for any cultural insensitivities.

Check out a few use cases:

Getting feedback on casting;

Checking for culturally insensitive elements;

Checking for strength of persuasion;

Ensuring local relevance.

Feedback from Frontline Employees

Feedback from employees is one of the most underutilized resources for market research in the marketing industry.

Activating employees for feedback:

Identifying consumer trends from employees;

Highlighting product innovation opportunities within your organization;

Staying ahead of competition by listening to retail based employees.

Aligning Agencies / Contractors / Freelancers

Managing a rotating roster of contractors, freelancers and multiple agencies makes it difficult to keep all stakeholders aligned and on brief.

Here is how you can use BigTeam: 

Ensure your agencies understand the brief by allowing them to provide feedback;

Allow agencies to constructively comment on each other’s work without the politics;

Ensure brand consistency and campaign objectives are met across all agencies.

Reimagine communication internally & externally

Employee engagement is the number 1 threat to keeping talent. Marketing has the opportunity to drive engagement by asking employees outside the marketing department for thoughts on brand positioning, product and creative concepts.

BigTeam helps to:

Stress test concepts, products and messaging with internal employees;

Ensure diversity in organization is represented;

Involve employees in the brand/product story.