It all starts with a brilliant creative idea. Well, sometimes with a big insight that leads to a breakthrough idea, but you get the point. Before any TV ads are made, or extremely viral social campaign is launched, a big idea has to be born. Getting from idea to final ad, content or campaign can be tricky and requires a delicate balance of feedback and nurturing from agencies and marketing stakeholders. Using BigTeam, the creative genious with great idea can ensure that they’re getting the most constructive feedback while engaging all the necessary account, strategy, creative directors and clients in the process.


feedback on creative idea


Assuming the idea wasn’t born in a simple “aha” moment without any strategic thinking, it is important to understand some of the insights that led to the breakthrough. BigTeam will first explore colleagues and client’s thoughts without this context, but eventually should be exposed to the strategic thinking or foundational insights that led to the creative idea.


context on creative idea


Exploring first impressions of the creative idea

Exposing your colleagues or clients to the raw creative idea, in whatever format, allows for some spontaneous exploration of “gut reactions” to the big idea. You’ll get a unfiltered glimpse at whether people react strongly in either positive or negative direction and if there’s anything immediately that stands out.


Will the idea make an impact?


After providing some context on the campaign objective, brand need or insishts, survey takers will provide feedback on whether the creative idea or campaign will actually achieve any measurable results (sales, brand equity lift, trial, etc). This feedback can be used to realign the creative thought process with business outcomes that make it easier to go through the rest of the approval process, even if only to help to strengthen the pitch.


Any risks in running with this creative idea?

This can be a great place to catch avoidable mistakes whether that is beingĀ culturally insensitive, off brief, or impossible to produce. Getting some idea of riskiness here can prevent the idea from going to far into production or even launching to the public with media spend behind it.


What can make this campaign or idea better?

Using our “projection” technique, BigTeam will probe for ideas to strengthen this campaign giving the creator(s) some executable thoughts and diverse perspective on how you can build upon the original creative idea or campaign.