Will your creative sell more units? Will it drive loyalty, brand switching or trial? Needless to say, you’re putting together a campaign or piece of content to achieve some type of objective, and most likely will include some type of desired consumer behavior. Why not check whether the creative is driving that objective or needs improvement by using a feedback survey intended to test persuasion? Here’s how BigTeam can help:

Testing persuasion in creative

After we ask your colleagues for their first thoughts on the campaign and what they think the intended objectives are, we’ll provide them some more context so they can finish up the survey with more context and information.

Follow up question on persuasion strategy

What Associations Are Being Built and What Are the Objectives?

Using BigTeam, we like to run “exploratory” questions first to look for misalignments with the intended objectives and campaign briefing. If your colleagues are having trouble understanding the mission, most likely your consumers will as well.

What Creative Technicalities are Impacting Persuasion?

We want to explore some of the creative elements (casting, editing, music, etc) that are either contributing or detracting from the intended behavior change and emotional connection with your consumers. This will help your creative team double down or optimize based on the feedback no matter how early or late you are in the production process.

Is it Authentic/Believable Enough?

One of the most correlated metrics to the effectiveness of persuasion is how authentic is the creative and message behind it? Does it establish credibility in the brand or perhaps the category, or does it have the opposite effect?

What are Ways to Improve Persuasion in the Creative?

Like with all BigTeam survey’s we incorporate the “projection” technique where we ask your colleagues to put themselves in your shoes and identify constructive ways to improve the intended behavior change through the campaign being tested or perhaps additional media channels that could be employed to enhance the persuasiveness of the campaign.