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Up to 50 users

Up to 100 customers/collaborators

1000 responses p/month

30-day money back guarantee


USD /month

30-day money back guarantee

billed monthly

Need to add more users, customers or responses? Contact us at 

What is the difference between a user, collaborator and customer?

Users are typically employees within the organization. They will have profiles in your system and can create surveys (although you can restrict this as well). Collaborators will not be listed in your company directory, but will still have to login. They are typically used for your outside contractors, freelancers, agencies and stakeholders.  Customers will not have a profile at all and can simply be sent the link to complete the survey from within the system, although you can still store their data.

What is a “response” and how is it counted?

A response is 1 answer to 1 question. So, if you ask 10 people 5 questions, that would be 50 responses. Our basic plan comes with 1000 responses

Why do you limit the number of responses p/month?

We use a combination of 3rd-party services to help crunch and analyze all the raw-text, so we incur more costs the more responses we process.

If you feel you’ll need more responses, please shoot us a note at and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Can I do a free trial instead?

We’ve implemented a 30-day money back guarantee and cancel at any time policy to make your decision to sign up as easy and risk-free as possible. Signing up with the process above is the easiest for everyone, and gives you 30 days to decide whether the platform is for you or not. If you would prefer to do a trial instead, please shoot us a note at

Can we pay yearly?

Absolutely, please contact us at

Do you have any integrations?

Not yet, but soon! Feel free to tell us what you think we should be launching first at