“We start small, and harbor a big dream. But as we grow, the bigger our team”  

 our made up poem dedicated to all the founders out there

Our journey often starts with just some encouraging friends and a patient family. But, as we progress we accumulate users and clients, fellow founders, employees and freelancers, resellers and suppliers, industry professionals and even investors and board of directors.


BigTeam allows you to “get outside of the office” and engage your growing network to build a better brand and business. Through feedback, you can get to know your customers better, co-create products and features collaboratively, and optimize marketing touchpoints (advertisements, messaging, landing pages, social media campaigns) by using a resource that’s already available to you: your “Big Team”.

How BigTeam (the platform) Works

Step 1) Create Your Groups

Upload and create your groups of customers, advisors and employees so you'll forever have access to engage with them and ask them for their feedback. Chose from several different user types and security permissions.

Step 2) Ask For Feedback

Use our pre-created surveys (or create your own questions) to get feedback on upcoming product features, marketing campaigns or ideas you want to share with your network. The key here is to ask purposeful questions, not just ``hey, what do you think?``. You'll also be able to upload any multimedia type (video, image, .pdf, etc) and get specific comments on those as well.

Step 3) Get Feedback, Take Action

As soon as feedback starts coming in, you'll be able to use our automated analysis feature which combs through all the raw text and surfaces the relevant trends in the responses. You'll be able to save pieces of feedback you want to act on, and export into a presentation if you need to share with internal colleagues or partners.

The feedback dance

Step 4) Dance off?

Congrats! You just probably saved a bunch of money, got some great advice and kept your network engaged. All at the same time.

Ready to get your BigTeam?