Running a truly global campaign is becoming harder, not easier, as the demands for real-time content and authentic communications surges. The time and cost it would take to use traditional ad testing processes means more brands are skipping this important part of campaign development. BigTeam helps marketing and creative teams test their big ideas and roll-out plans with their colleagues and stakeholders around the world without breaking the bank or slowing down the process. Here’s how BigTeam can help test for creative relevancy and identify localization opportunities.

Testing for Creative Relevancy and Localization Opportunities

The first step is to identify where regionally (Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, etc) or country specific you intended this creative idea to be applied to. What was the main creative idea and insight that led to the development of this execution or storyboard?

Cultural relevancy survey

First Impressions on Relevancy to Local Markets

BigTeam uses several “exploratory” and “unaided” questions to identify survey takers’ first opinions about the campaign and creative idea and how relevant (or not) it would be to the local market. This feedback generally surfaces any issues with alignment and understandability of the message and positioning.

Creative Elements Impacting Relevancy

We then suggest exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the technical aspects of the campaign to identify which are helping and which are hurting. If a decision is ultimately made to spend some time and money on localizing the creative, this feedback will be extremely valuable for the creative team to incorporate changes big and small.

Identifying More Opportunities for Adaptation and Localization

Using the BigTeam “projection” technique, survey takers will be asked to incorporate all the considerations and limitations in running a global campaign and will be asked what they deem important to make this campaign work. We’ll also look for more strategic options that can be incorporated in supporting ┬ámedia channels or on future campaigns.