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The essential internal feedback tools your business needs to make it BIG!

By Mathew Love

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Internal feedback—a term used by many, but its value truly understood by few. It’s a term that you’ll most likely find in any article or blog about a company who has made it big. You’ll see it listed under headings and bullet points that explain the company’s processes and the secrets they may have used to get ahead of the competition and take the market by storm.

But, here’s the thing, we here at BigTeam don’t believe that it should be a secret at all. In fact, as with anything with an intrinsic value equal to that of a large sum of capital, our wish is to make it easy to access and use to take your business to the next level. In our journey to doing just that, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite internal feedback tools. They can even be used together to ensure that your business has its internal feedback processes down to a tee! Here they are:

Design Feedback Review Tools

Most design feedback tools are built to give you specific comments, edits, suggestions and improvements on your files. This can also take place in the actual documents (powerpoint, word, google doc) or manually with the old fashioned red pen and paper. The advice is often tactical and immediate, rather than strategic and high level.

Frame IO internal feedback tool

With, you’re able to privately upload, review and share media (especially video) with your entire team, anywhere in the world.

According to their website, positions their tool as a powerful video and image feedback solution. They say, “Video producers and editors need to be able to share files, comment on clips in real time and compare different versions or edits of a clip. puts all these functions in an intuitive and powerful web-based solution.”


InVision allows you to quickly and easily create interactive mock-ups for your designs and prototypes. You’re then able to discuss these mock-ups right inside the app by leaving comments that are connected to a point on the screen that you are discussing.

Jeff Jahn from DynamiX swears by InVision, as he states; “We use InVision for wireframe and design discussions, and even to critique existing pages on client websites. Clients can review pages at their leisure, and our team receives notifications as comments are added. Responding to client requests is simple, and our ability to lead a design review during conference calls saves a lot of back and forth.”

Performance Feedback

Sometimes it is important to take a break and check in with your directo reports, coworkers and managers to see how everything is going. That’s why every team needs a internal feedback tool that gives you an in-depth or quick pulse on performance, culture and general feelings. Here are two of our favorites.


15 five internal feedback tool

Employees simply take 15 minutes to answer a survey from their managers, and managers need just five minutes to review: That’s the basic idea behind the employee engagement survey platform, 15Five.

However, according to the 15Five website and, the engagement tool provides a lot of other useful features. Managers can create custom survey questions (15Five provides a library of valuable question prompts), set different reviewers for different employees, and send along answers to other people in the organization who need to see the feedback or would be responsible for enacting change, such as a hiring rep.


According to, Impraise is a full-featured employee review, internal feedback tool, and peer praise platform.

Impraise can help managers set up reviews and ask key employees for quantitative and qualitative feedback on a staff member, as well as gather feedback on their own management performance from their direct reports. And that’s not all! A unique feature of Impraise is its key strengths dashboard, where employees and managers can list out the skills for the employee’s role and then track feedback on that skill and measure the proficiency of the employee over time, providing them with a roadmap for professional development.

Project Feedback


And this is where we fit in (you didn’t really expect us to leave ourselves out, did you?). With BigTeam, you’re getting the sleekest and most easy-to-use interface in the survey industry. 

As research geeks ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to find the right questions to ask. Which is why we’ve streamlined the project feedback process to save you time with our tailored question packs for any brand, marketing, customer or product challenge you have. You can also easily find the right team members within your organization or in your network based on experience and expertise. More helpful features include; create custom groups and survey them on an ongoing basis, identify themes from the responses relating to your project, and store historical insights on your dashboard for ease of reference—to make sure that your brand avoids falling into the same trap twice.

Want your business to eventually hit the blog-shelves under the Most Successful Business heading? Get started on implementing these internal feedback tools now!


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